Yukata Robe for Women Sakura on Cloud Pattern

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Ladies Yukata / Sakura on Cloud Pattern
Colour: Black and Pink
Comes with the same fabric sash

Happi/Short (42") Approx. W129 H108 (cm)

Small (54") Approx. W124 H137 (cm)
Medium (56") Approx. W126 H142 (cm)
Large (58") Approx. W126 H147 (cm)

Made in Japan

100% Cotton / Wash Separately / Use a mesh laundry bag / Machine Wash Warm Gentle / Do Not Bleach / Medium Hot Iron

**Please pay extra attention to the following steps when washing your Yukata to prolong its life.**

1. Please use a net laundry bag. Fold the yukata in the same size as the bag and wash it in the washing machine. This will extend the life of your yukata.

2. Please hang to dry or tumble dry with light clothes. Heavy and long clothing items such as jeans may tangle inside with the yukata and damage the fabric. *Yukata is a full length traditional Japanese clothing.

Please adjust the length of your yukata to match your lifestyle by hemming. This will prevent you from stepping on the hem and pulling the garment, which may cause a tear.

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