Noren Crane

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85cm wide x 150cm long
Material: Polyester 100%
Machine Wash Warm Gentle, Medium Hot Iron
Cutting line in center.  Please use scissors to cut.

Made in Japan

Artist: Jakuchu Ito

1716 - 1800
Ito Jakuchu studied under Ooka Shuntou, a painter of the Kano school, and abandoned his painting style.
After studying under Ooka Shuntō, a painter of the Kano school, he abandoned his painting method and copied the dark-coloured flower-and-bird paintings of the Sung and Yuan schools (Chinese painting).
Jakuchu, who also abandoned this painting method, shifted to sketching the real thing, Jakuchu also abandoned this method of painting and shifted to sketching the real thing, producing works with beautiful colours and meticulous depiction. In reality, however, they cannot be called sketches,
In fact, however, his paintings are not sketches at all, but rather a development of the colours and forms captured by Jakuchu's unique sensibility.

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