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#1158 Mame : 4.2(W) x 4.5(D) x 4.8(H) cm
#1157 1go : 5.9(W) x 5.8(D) x 6.8(H) cm
#3992 2go : 6.8(W) x 6.9(D) x 7.3(H) cm
#1156 3go : 7.9(W) x 7.4(D) x 9.2(H) cm

Daruma is a traditional Japanese wishing doll that keeps you focused on achieving your goals and dreams.  It is a centuries-old tradition in Japan and you can fill in the left eye(on the observers' right)of the Daruma, while wishing and add the right eye when the wish comes true.

Material : Paper

Made in Japan

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