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Hello! We are Murata WA Lifestyle Store.
Let us tell you about the tenugui towels we carry at our store.

5 kinds of tenugui towels at Murata WA Lifestyle Store 

What is Tenugui?

A tenugui (literally “hand-wiper”) is a cloth used for wiping your hands, but it’s more than just a hand towel. A tenugui can also be used as a washcloth, or as a towel for removing sweat or drying yourself off after bathing.

Although a tenugui is less absorbent than regular towels, it dries very quickly, discouraging bacterial growth. This makes a tenugui a perfect dish towel.

A tenugui is quite thin, which means it can be easily worn as a bandana or used for wrapping items.

On a hot Summer’s day, you can wrap one around some ice cubes and then drape it around your neck to stay cool. Tenugui are so versatile that they’re one of the most common gifts given out by stores for grand openings in Japan.


Our Tenugui

We have been asked from our customers if the tenugui towels carried at Murata are authentic. All tenugui we carry are authentic and made in Japan.

In addition to having many uses, tenugui also come in a variety of styles, with the number and fineness of threads determining thickness and texture. Tenugui made of very fine threads are smooth and thin enough to see through.

Some of the tenugui we carry are printed, while others are dyed using a traditional technique called Chusen. When dyed with the Chusen technique, the pattern is visible on both sides. Printed tenugui come in various patterns and colours.

Tengui have a wide price range, so consider it’s intended use when choosing one.

Autumn patterned tenugui towels on display at Murata WA Lifestyle Store
Left: Tenugui Towel Maple Leaves and Shiba Inu
Right: Tenugui Towel Chestnuts and Autumn Scenery


How to Care Tenugui

We recommend hand washing in cold water. Avoid washing in hot water or using bleach. When drying, air-dry away from direct sunlight. Tumble drying is not recommended.

The ends of a tenugui are essentially seamless and will fray with time, but no need to worry – this will stop at around 1cm of fraying.
With proper care, you will enjoy your tenugui for a long time.

Thank you very much for reading our blog!
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